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Supervisor's Corner UPDATED

WELCOME to the Supervisors Corner...

Welcome & Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Town Supervisor. I am excited about the world of possibilities for our community as we enter year 2...


I looked back at year 1 and realize all of our growing pains, trials and errors. In an effort to keep forward momentum we will implement some changes to the way we operate your community.  One of the first changes is that to be better able to serve you we will be going to a two (2) meeting a month format. We will be meeting on the first (1st) and third (3rd)  MONDAYS each month. If the MONDAY MEETING falls on a holiday - we will move the meeting to the following day. All of our meetings start at 7pm with a brief social hour after each meeting. This allows for open communication between persons who may not feel comfortable  speaking in the open meeting. The change in meeting nights during the month is to better accommodate the citizens of our community and to alleviate the conflict with other organizations who meet on the same night that we did.


Our first monthly meeting will be a WORKING Committee meeting. This will give us a chance to discuss, examine & research issues, hash out problems or ideas, meet with our employees, superintendents, committee chairpersons to see what issues or suggestions they may have for our community. Our second monthly meeting will have the appearance and feel of the type of meeting most are used to. This will be our more formal board meeting. We are changing the format to make it easier for citizen involvement.  We have added a public forum at the end of the meeting allowing any citizen the opportunity to address your town board on any topic be it idea or gripe, for up-to a five (5) minute period. If you need longer than five minutes we encourage you to contact us to obtain a slot during our "Privilege of the Floor". We will be strictly adhering to the 5 minute time frame to allow all of our citizens the opportunity to be heard.



 YEAR 1 Recap of events


WATER FILTRATION PROJECT - We made forward progress in meeting the state requirement to add filtration to our water source.While previous administrations had obtained a $600,000.00 Grant toward accomplishing that goal, unfortunately due to many delays and missteps the project once it actually was approved and out to bid landed at a minimum cost of $802,000.00. This large difference in cost created one final (fingers crossed) delay while the Town obtained a Bond Resolution and financing to close the shortfall in the project. The project is now slated for completion in 2013!


PARK GRANT FINALIZATION - Thanks to the many efforts of councilman Carolynn Tinney there now appears to be a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel! Councilman Tinney devoted many long hours trying to decipher the state criteria for reimbursement, obtain all of the necessary documents from many varied sources, meet changes necessary and submit several times, the information so that the Town of Springwater may possibly be reimbursed upto $80,000.00 in funding. We are anticipating that the reimbursement will be in 2013!


PLANNING BOARD - There have been changes to the planning board by increasing the 5 member panel to a 7 member panel with 2 additional alternate positions. This was done to provide greater input into the large upcoming project/task in front of them now. The Town of Springwater is now diligently working on a townwide COMPREHENSIVE PLAN.  The Town Board charged the Planning Board with this very important task for our community.  Look in 2013 for requests for information and public hearings from your Planning Board! They are ALWAYS looking for community input and assistance - the Planning Board Meeting is the SECOND MONDAY of each month in the TOWN HALL - Meetings are open to the public who are also encouraged to attend and participate! Remember - YOU help shape YOUR community!


LOSS of ELECTED Town Clerk - M. Claudia Gauer - it was with deep sadness and sympathy we accepted the resignation of M. Claudia Gauer who after winning the election in 2011 faced a monumental health issue with her husband, the late George "Buddy" Gauer. Both of her appointed clerks; Rita Culp and Jade Perkins, stepped forward and assisted in the smooth running of the Town Clerk's office.


WELCOME NEWLY ELECTED TOWN CLERK - JADE PERKINS who continues to make wonderful changes and updates to the Town Clerks Office. With always a ready smile and a warm welcome you can find your Town Clerk willing to assist you with Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Dog Licenses, Birth/Death Records and Research, Marriage Licenses, Water & Sewer Billing questions, Tax questions, and General Information. Rita Culp is now joined by Laura Ferguson as your appointed Deputy Town clerks. NEW HOURS are posted at the Town Hall!


TOWN OWNED BUILDING - former Wormuth Building - this structure was purchased by the former supervisor on behalf of the Town of Springwater. We have currently boarded the structure to prevent anyone from entering and potential accidents. We are in discussions with several agencies as to the possible outcomes with this structure and will continue to diligently pursue any and all funding opportunities for its dissolution. 


WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT/SEWER SYSTEM - As many know we continue to be plagued with numerous ongoing issues concerning the sewage system. We constantly strive to correct those issues we can and diligently watch and monitor those that we have limited or no control over. If you are having an issue please contact our Public Works Superintendent - Lynn Holmes.


LOSS of ELECTED COUNCILMAN - PHIL VIRUSO -  with a very heavy heart and deep sadness we accepted the resignation of Councilman Phil Viruso due to health related issues. Phil is a shining star who brought laughter with his songful renditions into the mike before the board meetings, helpful advise and vast knowledge as liasion to the Public Works Department and the Board in general. He is truly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our community and will always have a welcome seat at the board table. We keep him firmly in our thoughts and prayers for recovery.


COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS - even with the downturn in the economy it was wonderful to see our community celebrate throughout the year with events at the Gun Club, Fiddlers Fair, Gala, Historical Society, American Legion, etc (forgive me if I forget to mention your orginization). We honored Senior of the Year - Patricia Hillyard, and 5 outstanding TEENS Alexis Carnrite, Cheyenne Carnrite, Alyssa Kymbal, Austin McIntosh, and Colin McKelvey, in our small community. We were priveledged to be be the receipient of a gorgous donated Christmas Tree - compliments of All Western Evergreen Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm - for our Town Hall and even had a visit from the Jolly Ol Saint Nick for the community children.



  LOOKING AHEAD making year 2 even better!



WELCOME NEWLY APPOINTED TOWN COUNCILMEN - STEVE COWLEY who brings to the table a vast background and knowledge of highway issues. Steve was appointed to fill the remainder of Phil Viruso's term until the election in NOVEMBER 2013. While Steve will no doubt have some big shoes to fill, we are positive he is the man for the job! We welcome him as the new liasion for our highway Department and Superintendent Ron Maston.


TAX COLLECTION - 2013 saw a change in our Tax Collection system by opening up the availability for our citizens to pay their property taxes directly to the bank and availing them of the opportunity to even utilize a credit card for those payments.  While our Town Clerk was still availabel to accept your tax payments at her window this addition allowed for more flexibility for our taxpayers and we hope you will let us know if you found it a success or a failure!



In closing - I am STRONGLY ENCOURAGING ALL CITIZEN'S TO BECOME INVOLVED WITH YOUR COMMUNITY! You are the shareholders and need to come forward to let us know about YOUR ideas or hopes for your town.  While I will not promise that we can or would act on every suggestion, what I can promise is that we will at least consider every comment made to us.  Remember, this is your town, your children's town,  your grandchildren's town .... together we can and will build a strong home base for the generations yet to come.




Deborah Babbitt-Henry

Town Supervisor







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